Career prospects

The Bath MSc isn’t the end of your education, it’s the start of your career

You’ll complete your MSc equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to compete for the best graduate jobs.

You’ll be in high demand. Britain’s top employers target Bath’s graduates.

From the moment you start your course, we make sure you’ll have access to as many organisations as possible. You will learn about graduate opportunities and what they look for.

Our huge network of over 19,000 alumni is also a great source of advice and information. You will also have access to the University’s wider alumni network of more than 90,000 graduates. We have more than 24 groups worldwide that help our alumni connect with each other.

Read about our excellent employment record in our latest career destinations brochure.

*Employment data is based on the employment activity of the 2017-18 cohort for those employed or looking for work and for whom data is held.

The student view

The support I was given definitely increased my career prospects

Partnership - Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited

Frank Ludwig, Director of Manufacturing at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited and Bath MSc graduate

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What employers say


If I was to pick out some of the factors that distinguish a Bath student from others, I would say that they tend to have a very high level of commercial awareness. They’re also very resilient and able to take on challenges as they come. They’re confident about taking their own stance on things.


PwC has chosen to work with Bath for over four years because of the excellent calibre of students. We continue to recruit talented students year after year.


P&G actively targets Bath for recruitment. If you look around P&G you can see a surprising number of Bath graduates. My advice to students would be to think beyond your academic studies, think about your personal skills development, in particular leadership, something we really look for in potential candidates.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited

Bath for us is a great university… the student of the future needs to bring a range of skills. We need people to be flexible, innovative…they need to be perceptive, driven and above all they need to be creative.